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Through accidents and illnesses, people are often faced with major challenges in a medical rehabilitation. The body and the psyche must be retrained and integrated into a strange environment, because beds and furniture should provide patients and nurses with every possible support. Stiegelmeyer attaches great importance to tailormade offers for rehabilitation facilities. Furniture, beds and room concepts from many areas of our program meet the requirements for a fast and lasting recovery of patients.

 Beds – decorative and practical
Stiegelmeyer Elvido
 Beds – decorative and practical

Beds – decorative and practical

Through the large selection of beds, Stiegelmeyer offers optimal rehabilitation for every facility.

With its adjustable backrest the Carino offers much comfort when reading and television.

The Elvido reha allows by his 4-part lying surface a lot of comfort, protection from falls and ergonomic working at hip height.

The clinical bed Puro helps patients to quickly sit back on their own and take the first steps.

 suite eMotion – comfort in a new dimension
 suite eMotion – comfort in a new dimension
 suite eMotion – comfort in a new dimension
 suite eMotion – comfort in a new dimension

suite eMotion – comfort in a new dimension

The suite eMotion provides enthusiastic feedback in demanding rehabilitation areas. Its adjustable possibilities extend to a chair position – ideal for meals and conversations at eye level.

At the same time, the height-adjustability of the bed makes it possible to work with a back-rest for nurses.

Details such as the selectable USB port and the MotionGuide control element significantly increase the quality of life during rehabilitation.

 Individual room design – aesthetic, comfort and ambience
Objektmöbel für Dienstzimmer
Medikamentenschränke in den Objektmöbeln

Individual room design – aesthetic, comfort and ambience

Nursing home, patient room or dining room – Stiegelmeyer offers the matching beds, seating furniture and cabinet systems to set up many rooms in rehabilitation facilities completely. Our fitters carry out the assembly quickly and with great precision.

Plan together with us individual room designs from a single source that combine high comfort, efficient work and an attractive look.

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