Our services

Our services

Tailored to your requirements

The high-quality hospital beds and care beds from the Stiegelmeyer Group are supported by an equally first-class service. Our service includes the core tasks of checking, repairs, training and consulting.

We tailor our service to accommodate the wishes and requirements of your company. You can contact us is any way; all channels are open to you. Your dedicated contact at the other end of the phone will assist you with ordering replacement parts and provide comprehensive technical support. More than 50 members of our technical service team are available to conduct inspections, maintenance and repairs at the customer’s premises.

Our service supplies replacement parts for all Stiegelmeyer products for at least 15 years after the purchase date. Stiegelmeyer has opened an ultra-modern service centre in Herford providing 3,000 square metres of storage. This automated warehouse contains an average of 7,500 items that can normally be shipped throughout Germany within 48 hours. You can also conveniently order these items online via our service portal.

Our services at a glance

Replacement parts

Our spare parts and replacement equipment are always quickly available, so that we can use our expertise in service and repairs to the best effect. We not only have the necessary manpower but also an extensive warehouse at our Herford site containing replacement parts for hospital beds and care beds.

All replacement parts can be conveniently ordered via our service portal, at any time, with just a few clicks. More about our service portal here:

Bed check

The bed check can involve an inspection or maintenance work. In an inspection, we evaluate the technical state of the bed in its current condition. This makes it possible to define suitable measures for each individual bed.

In addition to these services, maintenance comprises preventive maintenance measures, such as adjusting the brake. Maintenance is designed to preserve the normal condition. Inspection and maintenance work always include an electrical safety test (in line with DGUV V3) and a service report which can also be accessed online.

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Our staff repair any damage to your beds quickly, expertly and inexpensively. Special repairs, modifications or complete overhauls are carried out in our service centre in Herford.

Bed driving licence

The medical bed driving licence is a training course for all staff from your facility who come into contact with the product. It teaches the correct way to handle and adjust the beds to avoid damaging them. The medical bed driving licence meets the requirements of the Medical Devices Operator Ordinance.

Inventory analysis

An inventory analysis gives you a comprehensive overview of the technical condition of your existing beds. This service feature documents the current state of the bed inventory, checks that all components are in good working order, and documents any damage.

The information obtained from analysing the inventory provides the ideal basis for planning the continued care of beds. This planning may entail investments in existing beds or new procurement.