Attractive accessories for your care bed


Innovative accessories for care at home

An attractive, cosy and practically furnished home is the best prerequisite for good care at home. The bed plays an important part in all this. By using original accessories, Burmeier’s high-quality care beds can be even more closely tailored to your needs and wishes and make everyday life easier for you. Discover the innovative solutions we have to offer!


The tray is simply attached securely across the bars of the safety sides. Enjoying meals and conversations at eye level become part of everyday life again for residents. After use, the tray can be placed on the safety side to save space - in some care bed models it can also be placed on the headboard or footboard.

Available for bed model (with DSG)

All models with 90 cm wide mattress base and full-length safety sides (DSG)
Item ID: 267000

Foam leather cover

The foam leather cover for the full-length safety sides feels soft and comfortable. It reliably protects the occupant from impact injuries.


All models with full-length safety side with 2 bars
Item ID: 301725

Reading lamp

The reading lamp is easy to attach to the lifting pole sleeves on either side of the bed or to the lifting pole itself. The lamp emits a pleasant light with very little heat.


All models
Item ID: 310648 (for insertion)

All models
Item ID: 310722 (on lifting pole)

Overbed table and side table

The Duo overbed table and side table is divided into two sections: The smaller section remains flat, while the larger section can be tilted to create a bookrest. In the Solo model, the tilting tabletop consists of only one piece.


Duo model
Item ID: 218931

Solo model
Item ID: 218932

Handset transmitter holder

The transmitter holder for the handset has a flexible stand. Due to its tilting and rotating function, the handset is always in the desired position.


Arminia III, Dali II range, Lippe IV, Westfalia III/IV, Westfalia-Klassik, Inovia
Item ID: 199137

Handset extension lead

The 240 cm or 140 cm handset extension lead (depending on the model variant) makes bed operation even more flexible and convenient for residents and care staff.


Dali II 24-Volt, Arminia III 24-Volt, Lippe IV, Lippe IV washable, Westfalia-Klassik, Westfalia IV
Item ID: 178986 (240 cm)

Lippe 120/140, Allura II, Westfalia Care II, Inovia from 3/18, Regia Easy-Switch
Item ID: 238047 (140 cm)

Extension cushion

The extension cushion is easy to attach to the full-length safety side and lets the occupant sit comfortably on the side of the bed when getting in and out.


All models with full-length safety side (DSG)
Item ID: 258395

Mobilisation aid

This practical stand-up aid helps with getting in and out of bed. It can be attached at almost any point on the mattress base frame.


Arminia III, Dali, Dali II, Lippe IV, Westfalia III/IV
Item ID: 175402

Allura II range, Lippe 120/140
Item ID: 244029

Adaptable safety side (ASG)

The 120 cm-long adaptable safety side (ASG) offers ample protection and, at the same time, leaves room for getting in and out of bed. It is easy to attach and use.


Arminia III, Dali, Dali II, Lippe IV, Westfallia IV
Item ID: 250138 (right), 250139 (left)


Colour promotes a feeling of well-being in the care room. With our Softcovers, you can lend the Dali, Dali wash, Dali with wooden surrounds, and Arminia III beds an individual note to suit your taste and to fit in with every furnishing style. Softcovers are fabric covers for the headboard, footboard and safety sides of the care bed. They are easy to attach and can be fitted without tools. The Softcovers are machine washable. We offer a choice of 6 colours Bordeaux1, Brown2, Dark blue3, Lavender4, Petrol5 and Vanilla6.

When ordering, please indicate your preferred colour.


Dali, Dali wash, Arminia III / Dali with wooden surrounds (safety sides only)
Item ID: 287280

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