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Care beds

A modern care bed contributes a lot to making everyday life in residential care more pleasant. Safety and comfort for the resident, relieving the strain on carers and ensuring a cosy look and feel all combine to give a new quality of life. Care beds from Stiegelmeyer promote the mobility of residents, provide an ideal working height and adapt to every taste using attractive head and footboards and decors.

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Mobilisation for engaging with others at eye level

Our care beds offer an ideal balance between safety and freedom. Modern safety sides and low adjustment heights protect residents from falls without preventing them from getting out of bed. 

Beds and furniture for a good recovery


Stiegelmeyer attaches great importance to tailormade offers for rehabilitation facilities. Furniture, beds and room concepts from many areas of our program meet the requirements for a fast and lasting recovery of patients.

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Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations


Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations – these are the requirements for beds in psychiatric facilities. The beds must withstand more physical demands than other medical products in order to protect patients and caregivers from injury.

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Personal touch and functional design

Floor beds and bedside cabinets designed for residents with higher falls risk.

Stiegelmeyer products can contribute to maintaining, promoting and regaining mobility and independence.