Beds for a successful recovery


Hospital beds need to fulfil a wide range of tasks and withstand high stresses. Intuitive operation, good manoeuvrability and reliable hygiene are decisive strengths in the everyday routine. Models such as our Puro and our Evario satisfy so many requirements that they are suitable for almost every hospital unit. Hospital beds from Stiegelmeyer are visually and intelligently convincing on every level with their smart and attractive design, the many equipment options and their excellent hygiene properties.

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By using beds, bedside cabinets and furniture from Stiegelmeyer, you create hospital rooms to satisfy the requirements of every unit. Discover our state-of-the-art solutions that meet the challenge of hygiene, easy operation and patient mobilisation. With our beds, you can benefit from automated reprocessing, split safety sides, innovative operating concepts and digital networking. And that’s not all - the attractive design and high level of comfort of our products contribute to the positive visibility of your hospital.


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The Stiegelmeyer-Group – beds that promote health and quality of life

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Up to 15-year spare part availability

Our products are always a safe investment.

Complete solutions from a single source

Beds, mattresses, furniture, digital support – we offer you system solutions to meet many requirements.

Certified quality

Our systems, machines and quality management system are certified, to EN ISO 90001 und 50001, for example.

More than 120 years of experience

Throughout its long history, our company has set important trends in the development of medical devices.

Developed for complex requirements

Convincing solutions for all hospital units

Hospital beds for children and teens

Paediatric beds

ompliance with safety standards and the best possible protection for patients are always the top priority for Stiegelmeyer. This is particularly so in the case of children and teens who require a great deal of attention and support in hospital. This is the reason we prepared in good time for the launch of the new EN 50637 standard for medical beds for children.

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Beds for a good recovery


Through accidents and illnesses, people are often faced with major challenges in a medical rehabilitation. The body and the psyche must be retrained and integrated into a strange environment, because beds and furniture should provide patients and nurses with every possible support.

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Dokumentenhalterung für Krankenhausbetten

For added flexibility and safety

Our hospital accessories

Our accessories are distinguished by their high quality and durability. They facilitate the everyday clinical routine and are based on in-depth knowledge of hospital unit procedures. Our accessories are easy to assemble and are then immediately ready for use.

Individual automated process solutions

Smart Hospital

Each hospital has its own processes, technical requirements and structural features. The digital system MIO (Modular - Individual - Organised) establishes an independent activity-related process control based on your existing processes.

Simple preparation of beds and bedside tables

Reliable hygiene

The danger posed by hospital germs, the protracted fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the increasingly rapid turnover of patients are all important reasons for opting for reliable reprocessing of medical products in hospitals. We offer products that lend themselves extremely well to both manual and automated reprocessing.