Meeting the needs of the elderly

Beds for geriatric psychiatry

People are living to an increasing age – which is a pleasing development. But with increasing life expectancy comes a growing risk of limitations and illnesses which can impair people’s physical and mental health. As a manufacturer of hospital and care beds, we focus more and more strongly on the field of geriatric psychiatry.

Today, medical research on ageing is aware of the close relationship between mental and physical health. But this equation is all too often overlooked, particularly where older people are concerned. Ageing is not a condition that occurs suddenly but is a process that affects a person’s whole life. Stiegelmeyer places a particular focus on residents and patients in old age – with products that are adapted to meet the changing needs, limitations and life perspectives of ageing persons and to take into account their restricted mobility and cognitive performance in a geriatric psychiatry setting.

Our care beds play a particularly important role in facilities for the elderly. They can be adjusted to the requirements of many departments. The Tereno ultra-low bed offers more protection without restricting mobility, and the stable mechanical Elvido rega fulfils the highest safety standards.