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Bedside cabinets

Together with the bed, the bedside cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in a care room. This is where the resident keeps important things for everyday use. It is also where carers store utensils they need to keep ready to hand during their work. Height-adjustable overbed tables serve as a base for meals and drinks or as a comfortable book rest. With Stiegelmeyer's comfortable bedside cabinets, you can be sure that the storage space you need is both safe and easily accessible.

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Beds for a good recovery


Stiegelmeyer attaches great importance to tailormade offers for rehabilitation facilities. Furniture, beds and room concepts from many areas of our program meet the requirements for a fast and lasting recovery of patients.

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More flexibility and comfort


Our care beds offer many features even in their basic version. But in everyday nursing care, people often have very individual requirements. With accessories, digital assistance systems and Stiegelmeyers personal design options, every care bed becomes a tailor-made dream bed. You can rely on the high quality of the equipment options.

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Our showroom in Herford has been continually updated over the years and offers visitors an inspiring experience. Daylight floods through the large windows and illuminates our beds in lovingly furnished, homelike room simulations. In addition to all the important information about our products, you will find many stimulating ideas for furnishing your premises.