Bedside cabinets

More room for important things

Together with the bed, the bedside cabinet is the most important piece of furniture in a care room. This is where the resident keeps important things for everyday use. It is also where carers store utensils they need to keep ready to hand during their work. Height-adjustable overbed tables serve as a base for meals and drinks or as a comfortable book rest. With Stiegelmeyer's comfortable bedside cabinets, you can be sure that the storage space you need is both safe and easily accessible.



Bedside cabinets without an overbed table

If the bedside cabinet is primarily for use as a small cupboard and not as a dining table or book rest, a space-saving model without an overbed table top is recommended.



Practical companions

Are you looking for a space-saving companion? Then the small but versatile Credo bedside cabinet or the height-adjustable Pleto overbed table are attractive offers.