Requirements for this security-sensitive area

Beds for forensic medicine

Caring for people in prison does not differ fundamentally from caring for people outside penal institutions. People in prison also need the best possible medical care. There are special features and challenges, however, when it comes to the daily work routine. The choice of suitable hospital beds is influenced by the fact that safety and security are paramount.

We have developed the 3 variants of our Vivendo pro hospital bed for prisons and forensic psychiatry on the basis of our customers’ experiences and practical requirements on closed wards in forensic psychiatry. In the interest of ensuring the highest possible level of safety, none of the versions have motorised adjustments.

The main components of our beds for forensic medicine are also secured against removal. Screwed-on feet allow our customers to completely secure the Vivendo pro at its location within the facilities. The modern construction of our beds allows carers to adjust them manually or using a pump pedal without physically exerting themselves.