Major trends shape the world of care and health on a regular basis. Current hot topics for nursing staff and technical personnel, as well as scientists and journalists, include digitalisation, hygiene and standard-compliant safety. Over its 120-year history, Stiegelmeyer has been instrumental in shaping many of these trends. Our machine-washable beds set international benchmarks. Our safety experts are involved in the development of new standards and norms. Read further to discover the passion we bring to shaping technical progress and how you can benefit from this everyday.

Beds, alternating pressure systems, bedside cabinets

Coordinated solutions for intensive care units

When it comes to meeting the stringent demands of intensive care and monitoring units, it is helpful if the different elements of the equipment you are using really do fit together seamlessly. Stiegelmeyer offers ideally coordinated solutions, from intensive care beds and bedside cabinets to mattresses and alternating pressure systems, as well as accessories and modern hygiene concepts with machine-washable products.


Hospital beds for children and teens

Standard-compliant paediatric beds

Compliance with safety standards and the best possible protection for patients are always the top priority for Stiegelmeyer. This is particularly so in the case of children and teens who require a great deal of attention and support in hospital. This is the reason we prepared in good time for the launch of the new EN 50637 standard for medical beds for children

Paediatric beds

Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations


Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations – these are the requirements for beds in psychiatric facilities. Stiegelmeyer offers convincing solutions to meet these needs. Find out how our tailor-made models make work easier in hospitals and care facilities.


Individual automated process solutions in your hospital

Smart Hospital

Each hospital has its own processes, technical requirements and structural features. But all facilities share the challenge of efficiently structuring and automating ever more complex processes. The digital system MIO (Modular - Individual - Organised) establishes an independent activity-related process control based on your existing processes.

Smart Hospital

Antworten auf die Fragen der Zukunft

Betten und Systemlösungen für Gesundheit und Pflege

Die Firma Stiegelmeyer wurde 1900 in Herford gegründet und ist seitdem ein erfolgreiches familiengeführtes Unternehmen. Wir sind deutscher Marktführer bei Betten für Krankenhäuser, Pflegeheime und – mit unserer Marke Burmeier – für die Pflege zuhause.

15 Jahre Ersatzteillieferung

Unsere Produkte sind immer eine sichere Investition in die Zukunft.

Komplettlösungen aus einer Hand

Betten, Matratzen, Möbel, digitale Unterstützung - wir bieten Ihnen Systemlösungen für viele Anforderungen.

Geprüfte Qualität

Unsere Anlagen und Maschinen sowie unser Qualitätsmanagement sind zertifiziert, z.B. nach EN ISO 90001 und 50001.

Mehr als 120 Jahre Erfahrung

Unser Unternehmen hat in seiner langen Geschichte wichtige Trends bei der Entwicklung von Medizinprodukten gesetzt.