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Hospital beds for children and teens

Standard-compliant paediatric beds

Compliance with safety standards and the best possible protection for patients are always the top priority for Stiegelmeyer. This is particularly so in the case of children and teens who require a great deal of attention and support in hospital. This is the reason we prepared in good time for the launch of the new EN 50637 standard for medical beds for children. To coincide with its launch on 31 August 2020, we are introducing two new motorised models - the Cuddle children’s bed and the Seta pro junior youth hospital bed - which meet every requirement and improve care in paediatric units. Existing paediatric beds that meet the old standard can continue to be used, according to current information. However, the much stricter requirements concerning certain design aspects of the new standard make it advisable to incorporate these changes in any future planning. The new standard additionally considers any possible risks posed by children playing unsupervised in the vicinity of the bed.

Cuddle – The children’s bed for protection and comfort

Seta pro junior – The hospital bed for young people

Important contents of the new standard

  • Significantly reduced gaps between safety side bars, and between safety sides and the mattress base or between safety sides and the headboard and footboard, to prevent strangulation and entrapment
  • No recesses or gaps that allow fingers to be trapped
  • Cables must be laid in such a way as to prevent the risk of strangulation
  • Gaps between the safety side and the mattress must be dimensioned to prevent entrapment of limbs
  • Edges must not pose a risk of injury, and sharp edges are to be avoided
  • A means must be provided to keep all electrical control devices and their cables locked away on the bed
Gaps between safety side bars must be chosen so that there is no risk of entrapment or slipping through.
With a concealed actuation and a damped mechanism, the safety sides can be lowered quickly and safely.
The control box for the Cuddle is safely located at the foot end in a lockable compartment.

Powerful arguments for more safety with the Seta pro junior

The control box in the linen holder is fitted with a magnetic lock to prevent unauthorised removal. Children playing on the floor cannot become trapped under the bed if they operate the control box and make bed adjustments.

The gap between the full-length safety side bars has now been halved and is less than 60 mm. Even with a high pressure of 125 newton, a test cone cannot be pushed between the bars. Children with small heads are therefore protected from entrapment and strangulation.

The patient lifting pole handle is designed with cross bars that ensure it is impossible for children to get their head stuck in the handle.

An accurately fitting, non-sliding mattress prevents patients from trapping their head between the mattress and safety side or head and footboard, resulting in difficulty breathing. The distances around the mattress are much smaller than on adult beds.

The 4-section mattress base on the Seta pro junior provides comfort and flexibility during therapy. The gaps between the mattress base sections are narrower than 60 mm and are inaccessible due to protective covers. Even if young patients crawl under the mattress, they cannot get trapped there.

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