A partner you can always rely on

The Stiegelmeyer-Group

We live in a time of global challenges, particularly when it comes to health and care. In such times, it is particularly important to have a strong partner at your side. You can always depend on the Stiegelmeyer-Group. We are Germany’s leading manufacturer of beds, furniture and complete solutions for hospitals, nursing homes and homecare. We aim to support you at all times – with innovative products, individual consultation and outstanding service.

A strong family-run company

Stiegelmeyer has remained a family-run company since it was founded in 1900. Today’s shareholder family, the Kemmler family, has been associated with the company for over 100 years. The foresight of our shareholders and the commitment of our employees have ensured Stiegelmeyer’s independence, economic success and high quality standards to this day. Our incentive is to facilitate the work of our customers and provide the best possible care for the people entrusted to them. Throughout our many decades of work, we have set numerous important trends and decisively shaped the technical development of medical beds. One example is our vast experience with machine-washable hospital beds.

German quality and international inspiration

The Stiegelmeyer-Group brings together the best ideas from Germany and the international markets. German engineering rightly enjoys an excellent reputation for modern design and quality testing far beyond current standards. Equally successful are our subsidiaries in many countries, from Finland to South Africa, who work closely with local customers, taking inspiration from their wishes in order to address regional product requirements more effectively. From cots to intensive care beds, our portfolio meets all the international requirements and offers individualised model variants.

We create and live values

The many advantages at a glance

Up to 15-year spare part availability

Our products are always a safe investment.

Complete solutions from a single source

Beds, mattresses, furniture, digital support – we offer you system solutions to meet many requirements.

Certified quality

Our systems, machines and quality management system are certified, to EN ISO 90001 und 50001, for example.

More than 120 years of experience

Throughout its long history, our company has set important trends in the development of medical devices.

Custodians of values and shapers of the future

We are custodians of values and shapers of the future. Responsibility and integrity are the cornerstones of our work. We are committed to working for the common good and to the careful use of natural resources. We have our compliance, energy efficiency and other processes reviewed regularly by external experts. At the same time, we create visions for the healthcare sector of tomorrow. Our Connectivity Lab at our headquarters in Herford is an optimal development centre for creating digital solutions that add value in everyday work and life. Staff in hospitals and care homes can receive and evaluate important status information about our beds in a matter of seconds.

Comfort and style

A fast recovery and good care are also supported by an appealing design. Our beds look so elegant and cosy that residents and patients feel comfortable and secure in them. Hospital beds by Stiegelmeyer reflect a style that is both German and international, with their straight lines, flat surfaces and beautifully designed side guards. Our homecare beds and comfort beds for private customers blend attractively into any home setting. A wide range of wood decors and upholstery lend them a personal touch. Customised furniture from our wood production facility in Nordhausen, Thuringia, significantly increases the quality of work and life in service rooms, dining rooms, waiting areas and residents’ rooms.

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