Low-height beds with digital assistance

The current generation of our Elvido care bed series strives with every detail to relieve the burden on care staff and to improve the quality of life for residents. The focus is on digital innovations such as the new Out-of-Bed systems and a modular design that transforms each individual bed into a customised bed of choice.
In the Elvido family, you can also find heavy-duty beds, mechanical beds and particularly mobile models that can be used in any ward, including even psychiatric units, with the most stringent requirements.

Model facts

  • Safe working load at least 225 kg
  • Combined split safety side for getting in and out of bed unimpeded
  • Standard handset with illumination at night
  • Digitisation with simple operation and high benefit

Model variants

Elvido vervo

The low-height bed

  • Height adjustment range approx. 25 – 80 cm
  • Fall prevention without DoLS
  • OpenBus technology enables optional Out-of-Bed system

Elvido forto

The heavy-duty bed

  • Safe working load 260 kg
  • Mattress base width 100 cm
  • Stable 125 mm double castors

Elvido movo

The mobile care bed

  • Large 100 mm double castors for easy movement
  • Easy to manoeuvre in confined spaces
  • Height adjustment range approx. 28 – 83 cm

Elvido rega

The mechanical bed

  • Dispenses with cables and toolless removable parts
  • Meets the high safety requirements for use in psychiatric care
  • Height adjustment range approx. 39 - 81 cm by pump pedal

The advantages for you

VARIO SAFE - The best system for adjustable care beds.

ERGONOMIC - Intuitive operation, easy manoeuvrability and an ergonomic working height combine to support carers.

OUT-OF-BED - Two variants to choose from to ensure quick assistance of fall-prone residents.  The permanently fixed system OOB Smart and the mobile system OOB Flex.

EASY CLICK - The new generation of the Elvido series comes with the intelligent Easy Click system as standard, for both safety sides. The safety side bars can be “clicked” onto pre-assembled brackets without the use of tools. This makes it easy to assemble and clean the bed. The



Technical specifications

The following overview presents the technical data and equipment options for this model of bed. With a tailor-made configuration and visual design, and with suitable accessories, you can plan a bed that precisely matches your facility’s requirements and interior design. Your area sales manager will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities.

Elvido vervoElvido fortoElvido movoElvido rega
Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions) in cm 90 x 200, 100 x 200 100 x 200 90 x 200, 100 x 200 90 x 200
External dimensions in cm 100,3 x 211 110,3 x 211 100,3 x 211 100,3 x 211
Ground clearance in cm 15 15 15 15
Safe working load in kg 225 260 225 225
Total weight in kg 140 150 140 150
Tilting to Trendelenburg position in ° 12 12 12 14
Tilting to reverse-Trendelenburg position in ° 14 14 14 10
Mattress base height in cm (from - to) 25 - 80 39 - 80 28 - 83 39 - 80
Backrest angle in ° 70 70 70 70
Thigh rest angle in ° 40 40 40 40
Auto contour adjustment / Fowler position
Electrically adjustable
Mechanically adjustable
24-volt drive concept with external transformer
Integrated bed extension
Bed extension for bolting on
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Elvido vervoElvido fortoElvido movoElvido rega
Mattress base division in cm 85/15/40/60 85/15/40/60 85/15/40/60 71/15/41/61
Backrest length compensation 10 10 10
Comfort mattress base
PP hygiene mattress base
Wire mesh base (removable)
4-section mattress base
Mattress base tiltable to reverse-Trendelenburg position
Mattress base tiltable to Trendelenburg position
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Elvido vervoElvido fortoElvido movoElvido rega
Protective height of safety sides 41 41 41 38
Full-length safety side
Split safety side – combinable
No safety side
split safety side – combinable – Vario-Safe-System
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Elvido vervoElvido fortoElvido movoElvido rega
Double castor Ø 50 mm
Double castor Ø 100 mm
Cover castor Ø 125 mm
4 central locking castors
2x2 locking castors
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Elvido vervoElvido fortoElvido movoElvido rega
Argentum paint colour
Bella Noce Choco decor (R 30019 VV)
Natural Beech decor (R 24010 VV)
Style Oak Cinnamon decor (R 20100 VV)
Precious Cherry decor (R 42002 VV)
Havana Cherry decor (R 42006 VV)
Royal Maple decor (R 27001 VV)
Chalk decor (U 11102 VV)
Lindberg Oak decor (R 20021 VV)
Magnolia decor (U 11509 VV)
Truffle Baron Elm decor (R 37003 VV)
Natural Wild Pear decor (R 41004 VV)
Lito reha
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Elvido vervoElvido fortoElvido movoElvido rega
Under bed light
Out-of-Bed system
LCD handset
Integrated light connection
Rechargeable battery
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

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