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Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations

Beds for psychiatric facilities

We offer beds for

  • Depression wards
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry
  • Open general psychiatric treatment wards
  • Gerontopsychiatry
  • Wards for co-occurring internal and psychiatric disorders
  • Emergency and acute psychiatric treatment
  • Forensic psychiatry

Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations – these are the requirements for beds in psychiatric facilities. The beds must withstand more physical demands than other medical products in order to protect patients and caregivers from injury. Dispensing with motorised drives further increases safety, but the mechanical operation of the bed must not be strenuous in any way. The beds also need to be comfortable, with a homelike feel, so that they have a beneficial effect on the patients. Stiegelmeyer offers convincing solutions to meet these needs. Find out how our tailor-made models make work easier in hospitals and care facilities.

Our beds for psychiatric facilities


  • Height adjustment: without height adjustment
  • Mattress base 90/100 x 200 cm
  • 2-section mattress base
  • Manually adjustable backrest
  • Reinforced wooden surround to meet special demands


  • Height adjustment: 40 to 80 cm
  • Mechanical bed
  • Mattress base 90 x 200 cm
  • Safe working load 225 kg
  • Full-length safety sides
  • Easy adjustment using hydraulic pump pedal

Elvido rega

  • Height adjustment:  39 – 80 cm
  • Mechanical bed
  • High stability
  • Easy adjustment via hydraulic pump dal

Elvido vervo

  • Height adjustment: approx. 25 – 80 cm
  • Electrically adjustable bed
  • Low-height bed for protection without the use of liberty-depriving measures
  • OpenBus technology for installation of the Out-of-Bed system

Seta pro

  • Height adjustment: 32 - 91 cm (depending on castors)
  • Electrically adjustable bed
  • Mattress base 90 x 200 cm
  • Full-length safety sides
  • Work at an ideal, ergonomic, back-friendly height
  • Excellent hygiene properties


  • Height adjustment: 32 - 91 cm (depending on castors)
  • Electrically adjustable bed
  • External dimensions 103.5 x 218.5 cm
  • LCD handset with only 3 keys and a backlit display
  • Optional digital assistance systems
  • Various psychiatry adaptations to choose from

Vivendo pro

  • Height adjustment: 43 - 83 cm
  • Mechanical bed
  • Mattress base 90 x 200 cm
  • Specially secured elements
  • Option of version without height adjustment

Beds designed for psychiatric care

The mechanical bed Vivendo pro is particularly well suited for use in psychiatric care situations with special safety requirements.
The flexible bed Carino for adolescent psychiatry, psychosomatic treatment centres, rehabilitation facilities and residential homes.
The motorised hospital bed Puro offers comfort, safety, easy handling and excellent hygiene properties.
By dispensing with cables and manually removable elements, the mechanical bed Classiko meets the safety requirements in psychiatric care particularly well.
With its large adjustment range the low-height bed Elvido vervo protects against fall injuries without the need for deprivation of liberty safeguards.

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