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Automated reprocessing for validatable hygiene

The danger posed by hospital germs and the protracted fight against the coronavirus pandemic are just two reasons out of many for considering the use of automated reprocessing for beds and bedside cabinets. Models such as the Puro, the Evario and the Sicuro tera are available in sophisticated machine-washable versions – with almost 50 years’ experience in this field, Stiegelmeyer boasts excellent results. The practical Quado bedside cabinet can simply be attached to the bed and taken for reprocessing along with the bed.

Discover the powerful advantages of automated reprocessing:

  • Consistently thorough and validatable results that preserve the condition of the surfaces
  • Safe hygiene in these times of increasingly rapid turnover of patients
  • Lightens staff workloads by eliminating the need for time-consuming manual cleaning
  • Protects staff by reducing contact with infectious beds
  • Beds are optimised due to their special coating system, cavity sealing and exclusive leak tightness of the drive component housing. Standard DIN 60601-2-52 requires durability over 50 washing cycles – our beds exceed this specification at least tenfold
On average, a hospital bed is reprocessed 50 times a year. Our machine-washable models can be washed 10 times more often than is required by the standard.

Unique surface coating system for a long service life

Machine-washable hospital beds from Stiegelmeyer have offered convincing solutions for decades due to their quality and durability. An innovative coating formula protects their metal parts from corrosion. In addition, effective cavity preservation is carried out before the powder coating is applied.

Naturally, this coating is environmentally friendly and contributes to the attractiveness of the bed with its white or argentum finish, depending on the chosen bed.

Even after hundreds of washes, you can rely on the impeccable condition of your beds if you follow the operating instructions for the bed and the washing system.
This has been confirmed by numerous tests in our development centre. This validated high quality hygiene protects both patients and staff.

The wire mesh mattress base proves itself during automated reprocessing.

Evario hospital bed and Sicuro tera intensive care bed – washable including with modern plastic safety sides

Never before have hospital beds with international-look plastic safety sides been machine-washable. Stiegelmeyer has now achieved a breakthrough with the Evario model. The Sicuro tera intensive care bed is even machine-washable as standard, as is the Quado bedside cabinet. 

Stiegelmeyer's modern hospital beds meet the high requirements of protection category IPX6W (W stands for washable). Stiegelmeyer developed this high standard of quality together with the drive manufacturer Linak. Stiegelmeyer beds are a safe investment in the future.

Advantages at a glance

  • Many machine-washable hospital beds and bedside cabinets available
  • Tested 10 times more than required by the standard
  • Durable over hundreds of wash cycles
  • Unique surface coating for even better protection
  • The plastic safety sides are also washable

Cooperation: Stiegelmeyer and Belimed – together more than 80 years of experience in automated reprocessing

Many types of contamination of hospital beds are visible at first sight and are easy to clean superficially. A much tougher opponent to counteract is the invisible contamination caused by germs and bacteria. This problem can be solved by automated reprocessing of the beds. Stiegelmeyer and Belimed offer ideal products for this purpose.

Through close cooperation with Belimed, the beds are optimised for automatic reprocessing. Thanks to this combined expertise, it has been possible to develop washing programmes that are efficient and at the same time gentle on the beds. Customers benefit from this through

  • achieving consistently high-quality results during reprocessing
  • more efficient workflows
  • reducing overall operating costs
  • eliminating the strenuous physical work of manual reprocessing

Automated reprocessing


Manual reprocessing of beds and bedside cabinets

Cleaning and disinfection of beds plays an important role in hospitals. Beds should be reprocessed after every change of patient and transfer – on average over 50 times a year. Successful reprocessing makes a decisive contribution to the fight against multi-resistant germs and other pathogens. Despite the increasing global trend towards automated reprocessing, the majority of hospitals still rely on cleaning and disinfecting by hand. Stiegelmeyer products such as the Puro, Evario and Seta pro beds or the lightweight Quado bedside cabinet offer strong advantages when it comes to manual reprocessing:

  • Good handling properties when the route to the hygiene area leads through narrow corridors and lifts
  • Products are tested for resistance to disinfectants
    (refer to the recommended list in the operating instructions)
  • Large smooth surfaces are easy to clean
  • Designed with few gaps and recesses to prevent trapping stubborn dirt
  • Concealed cable routing
  • Long life due to excellent workmanship

Advantages at a glance


Safety side with smooth surfaces


Headboard and footboard with large flat surfaces and no hard-to-reach gaps


Chassis with an uncluttered design and no cables


Mattresses with hard-wearing, easy-clean PU covers


Hygienic mattress bases

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