Herford headquarters

Innovation and tradition in the heart of East Westphalia

A strong company

Since the company was founded in 1900, the headquarters of the Stiegelmeyer-Group have been located in Herford, a town with 70,000 inhabitants in East Westphalia offering a great quality of life. This region is one of the most important economic centres in Germany and is home to successful global companies in the medical, furniture and electronics industries. With its innovative prowess, Stiegelmeyer has made a decisive contribution to the technological and economic prosperity of the region.

A corporate campus full of opportunities

Herford is home to the company’s headquarters, the development centre, a large showroom and modern production facilities, including for customised care beds. This location offers ideal conditions for promoting creative ideas and collaborative working. An example of this is our Connectivity Lab where digital solutions that offer real added value to everyday life are developed. Experts in our development centre test our products to far more stringent standards than normally required. This allows us to uphold the German brand quality which is valued throughout the world.

Our locations

Stiegelmeyer’s second location in Germany, in the Thuringian town of Nordhausen, is geared to the production of attractive furniture and furnishings for hospitals and nursing homes.

Sustainability and values

We attach great importance to sustainability in Herford, as at all our other locations. We use green electricity from Scandinavian hydropower stations and operate our own solar power system. Our efficient energy management helps to conserve natural resources. Employees enjoy the benefits of a barrier-free inclusive environment. Our Code of Conduct creates a working atmosphere marked by respect, tolerance and high responsibility.

Herford – a strong location

Beds and system solutions for healthcare and nursing care

Up to 15-year spare part availability

Our products are always a safe investment.

Complete solutions from a single source

Beds, mattresses, furniture, digital support – we offer you system solutions to meet many requirements.

Certified quality

Our systems, machines and quality management system are certified, to EN ISO 9001 and 50001, for example.

More than 120 years of experience

Throughout its long history, our company has set important trends in the development of medical devices.

Visit our showrooms!

Worldwide reach from Herford!

Visit our showrooms!

Customers are cordially invited to visit our showrooms in Herford and Nordhausen. Get to know our beds and furniture in elaborately designed room settings and be inspired by new ideas. Our sales team looks forward to assisting you and answering your questions.