The modular hospital bed

Evario one

In order to relieve stress and physical strain in everyday hospital life, medical products must bring particular advantages to the job: they should be safe, easy to use and support patients and nursing staff in the best possible way. It was these essential qualities that we focused on when developing the Evario one. The fully motorised hospital bed combines many helpful functions with a modern design. The Evario one has been tested far beyond current standards so you can rely on its high quality and durability.

Model facts

  • High safe working load of 250 kg, including during battery operation
  • Height adjustment range of 36 to 82 cm, depending on the type of castor
  • Choice of three easy-to-use safety sides
  • Attractive, modern look in Intercontinental design

Advantages for you

Full protection

Split 50/50 safety side

  • 50/50 safety side is ideal for e.g. intensive care
  • Fixed headboard (optional)
  • X-ray backrest (optional)
  • Attachment options for accessories

Modern and hygienic

Split ¾ safety side

  • Protects patients combined with the freedom to get in and out of bed
  • Aids early mobilisation and recovery of patients
  • One-hand operation
  • Large flat surfaces facilitate thorough manual cleaning

The space-saving model

Pivoting ¾ safety side

  • Can be swivelled down effortlessly towards the foot end
  • Requires no extra bedside space – ideal for small multi-bed rooms
  • The slim bars, when lowered, do not conceal fixtures on accessory rails along the bed.
  • The intuitive handset is within easy reach when hung from the safety side

Accessories for optimum protection

Gap closure

  • Both safety sides leave room at the foot end to get in and out of bed
  • Optional infill pieces to close the gap are easy to attach without tools
  • Optimum protection for patients who are prone to falling
  • Interchangeability between multiple beds makes them more cost-effective

All functions available at the point of care

“Light”-version control panel

  • Can optionally be integrated in split safety sides at the head end
  • Convenient adjustment options for patients on the inward-facing side of the bed
  • Additional emergency and maintenance functions for nurses and service staff on the outward-facing sides of the bed.
  • The panel moves along with backrest adjustments, providing ideal accessibility at the point of care

Advantages for you

Ideal integrated resources are available for controlling the Evario one – an ergonomic handset, the “light”-version integrated control panel (in conjunction with split safety sides), the nurse control at the foot end available in different sizes (S and M) and a practical foot pedal for adjusting the height. An ideal combination is available for every type of use.

Every second counts in an emergency. All Evario one control devices feature a quick control button for setting CPR and Trendelenburg positions. Using the manual CPR lever at the head end saves even more time. The headboard and footboard can be removed within seconds to provide better access to the patient.

Sturdy central-locking 125 or 150mm castors give Evario one its excellent handling characteristics. An optional fifth castor improves the directional stability and precise handling characteristics even further. This makes the job easier for staff and prevents expensive collision damage.

► Instruction videos of the functions on the Evario one hospital bed

Technical specifications

The following overview presents the technical data and equipment options for this model of bed. With a tailor-made configuration and visual design, and with suitable accessories, you can plan a bed that precisely matches your requirements and your interior design. Your area sales manager will be pleased to inform you about all the options.

Evario one
Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions)87/90x200 cm
External dimensions of bed in cm99.7 x 214
Bed extension in cm18
Safe working load in kg250
Ground clearance of chassis in cm15.3 - 17.3
Total weight in kg130
Split plastic safety side
Pivoting safety side – 3/4 safety side
Protective height of pivoting 3/4 safety side38 cm
Protective height of split safety side39 cm
Maximum weight of patient in kg240
Tilting to Trendelenburg position in °15.5
Tilting to reverse-Trendelenburg position in °15.5
Mattress base height (cover castor Ø 125 mm)Approx. 36 – 80 cm
Mattress base height (integral castor Ø 150 mm)Approx. 38 – 82 cm
Backrest angle in °71
Thigh rest angle in °32
Fowler position angle11
Auto contour adjustment/Fowler position
Manual CPR release of the backrest
electrically adjustable
Empty weight in kgApprox. 130
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Evario one
Mattress base division in cm76/21/32/52
Backrest length compensation in cm4
Metal slat mattress base
Metal slatted mattress base with PP cover and slots for belt systems
4-section mattress base
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Evario one
Integral castor Ø 150 mm
Cover castor Ø 125 mm
5th castor (Ø 125 mm)
Castor braking, central
Conductive castor coating: 1 castor
Conductive castor coating: 2 castors
Conductive castor coating: 4 castors
5 castors, (conductive castor coating)
4 wall deflection rollers, plastic, all sides
Brake pedal: 2 x plastic with coloured marking
Brake pedal: 2 x plastic with coloured marking, 2 x metal
Directional castor position: head end, right
Directional castor position: head end, left
Directional castor position: foot end, left
Directional castor position: foot end, right
Directional castor position: centre of bed (5th castor)
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Evario one
Intercontinental head and footboard design
Crystal white paint colour
Azur decor (0744-60)
Gold decor (0446-60)
Silver Grey decor (0160-60)
Snow White decor (9417-60)
Storm decor (10542-60)
Headboard and footboard completely removable
Manual reprocessing, IPx4
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Evario one
Integrated “control panel light” version
Integrated “control panel light” version + handset with locking function
Handset with locking function
Nurse control S in the linen holder
Nurse control M in the linen holder
Height adjustment foot switch
Lead-gel battery
Under bed light
Brake signal
5th castor
Side accessory rail
Linen holder
Lower leg rest extension
Bed extension
2 sleeves for round tubular patient lifting pole
Angle indicator
2 infusion stand adapter sleeves each (at head and foot end)
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available