Beds designed for psychiatric care

Safety, a feeling of security and easy handling, even in difficult situations – these are the requirements for modernpsychiatric beds. More than any other medical product, these need to address special physical restrictions and offer protection. Their comfort and homelike feel are also advantages that meaningfully support the recovery process.

Stiegelmeyer offers convincing solutions to meet the needsof psychiatric care. Discover the tailor-made beds we offer forgeriatric psychiatry,child and adolescent psychiatry,psychosomatic medicineand for the special requirements inprison hospitalsand forensic medicine. The Stiegelmeyer Group is the German market leader for beds for all areas of nursing care and healthcare. Our expertise is of particular advantage in the field ofpsychiatric care, where the supply ofhospital and care bedsoften takes place seamlessly.

Meeting the needs of the elderly

Geriatric psychiatry

People are living to an increasing age – which is a pleasing development. But with increasing life expectancy comes a growing risk of limitations and illnesses which can impair people’s physical and mental health. As a manufacturer ofhospital and care beds,we focus more and more strongly on the field ofgeriatric psychiatry.

Meeting the needs of children and adolescents experiencing mental disorders

Child and adolescent psychiatry

Many countries have witnessed a continuing deterioration in the quality of life and mental health of children and adolescents in recent years. They observe increasing signs of depressive symptoms, psychosomatic complaints and mental health problems.

Meeting the needs of patients whose mental health affects their body

Psychosomatic medicine

Thepsychosomatic medicineis concerned with the interaction between biological, psychological and social factors. Our portfolio contains specialbeds for the field of psychosomatic medicinethat focus on a homelike feel, comfort and a high-quality design.

Requirements for this security-sensitive area

Forensic medicine

Caringfor people in prisondoes not differ fundamentally from caring for people outsidepenal institutions. People in prison also need the best possible medical care. There are special features and challenges, however, when it comes to the daily work routine. The choice of suitablehospital bedsis influenced by the fact that safety and security are paramount.