Meeting the needs of patients whose mental health affects their body

Beds for psychosomatic medicine

Psychosomatic medicine is concerned with the interaction between biological, psychological and social factors. Our portfolio contains special beds for the field of psychosomatic medicine that focus on a homelike feel, comfort and a high-quality design.

Whether we’re talking of a psychological crisis, burnout, depression or mobbing – the human psyche often suffers in silence. Professional support and comfortable surroundings can help people to find their way back to a carefree life.

This is why providing supportive, visually-pleasing beds in psychosomatic medicine is an important aspect. The bed is a private place of peace and recovery that helps regain energy and courage. In that context, our Carino bed and its cosy design and adjustable backrest is ideal for furnishing rehabilitation facilities. If the bed is equipped with a fixed board, it can be turned into a comfortable sofa during the day to enjoy pleasant conversation or a good book.