Personal touch and functional design

Floor beds and bedside cabinets designed for residents with higher falls risk.

Stiegelmeyer products can contribute to maintaining, promoting and regaining mobility and independence.

Falls and fall-related injuries are common in older adults, have negative effects on functional independence and quality of life and are associated with increased health related costs. The aftermath of a fall leads to further impairments, which can also have social consequences. If people lose confidence in their own mobility as a result, they will avoid activities for fear of falls. Reducing the risk of falls and minimising the impact they have on peoples’ lives therefore also plays a role when it comes to quality of life.


The use of floor level beds combined with appropriate bedside cabinets can be an effective means of reducing the risk of falls.

Tailored to the needs of residents with higher risk of falls:
For residents with dementia, the ability to find their bearings is of particular importance. At the lowest height setting though, it is more difficult for them to re-establish important visual links to objects. Combining the bed with a low bedside cabinet that is within easy reach and sight, provides orientation and is accessible from the bed without leaning out which helps to reduce the risk of falls.

Tereno – designed to make a difference



  • Flexible concept for side elements, from cosy ambience to mobilisation-friendly and protective
  • The floor level position efficiently minimises the impact of falls
  • Headboards and footboards can be removed without tools facilitate daily care


  • Maximum flexibility and certainty of planning, since the bed adapts to changing requirements
  • Integrated bed extension
  • Choice of homely head- and footboard


  • Automatic castor lock when lowered to the floor
  • Vario-Safe elements provide a basic protection that inhibits rolling out of bed even if the safety sides are not raised
  • Lower risk for limbs to get trapped under the bed


  • Two intermediate stops allow for excellent orientation
  • An intermediate stop can be set to the ideal height for mobilisation to promote independence
  • Short head end rails provide orientation and get-out support when needed

Aparto brevo bedside cabinet variants for ultra-low beds

Der niedrige Nachttisch ohne Kompromisse

Aparto brevo

Floor level beds play an increasingly important role in care. But up to now, the choice of suitable lower height bedside cabinets was limited and offered very few individual features. With the Aparto brevo, there’s no need to make compromises any longer: from a spacious overbed table to a slide-out table, it allows for many supporting functions that would otherwise only be found on standard models. Residents in a floor level bed can effortlessly reach for a glass on their bedside cabinet or switch the reading lamp on – a big bonus when it comes to quality of life.

Comfort and support to complete floor level settings

Aparto brevo bedside cabinet


Usable at any height with its floating overbed table adjustable from around 61 to 81 cm


Ideal companion for floor level, low-height and standard care beds


Back-friendly work and storage surface for carers


Its rotating body and easy manoeuvrability mean it can be used in different positions in the room