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Puro - Standard
The flexible hospital bed

Puro – lino variant
The narrow hospital bed

Puro – brevo variant
The innovative low-height bed

Puro – brevo lino variant
The narrow low-height bed

The bed that’s at home in any hospital unit

Evario extra long
The hospital bed for tall patients

Evario extra wide
The extra comfort hospital bed

Seta pro - Standard
The hospital bed for a high level of safety

Seta pro - brevo variant
The stable low-height bed

Seta pro - lino variant
Extra narrow and manoeuvrable

Seta pro - brevo lino variant
The narrow low-height bed

Vertica clinic
The mobilisation bed

Sicuro pesa
The tiltable intensive care bed

Vivendo pro 90 cm wide
The practical hospital bed

Vivendo pro 80 cm wide
The effortlessly manoeuvrable bed

Vivendo pro junior
The youth hospital bed

Deka 80cm wide
The easy to manoeuvre bed

Deka 90cm wide
The versatile hospital bed

Deka junior
For children and teens

The budget-oriented hospital bed

The easy to operate children’s cot

The perfect baby trolley

The special children’s cot

Elvido vervo
The low-height bed

The versatile care bed

Elvido brevo
The budget-oriented low-height bed

Elvido movo
The mobile care bed

Elvido forto
The heavy-duty bed

Elvido rega
The mechanical bed

Venta – Standard
The elegant low-height bed

Venta – movo variant
Take part in everyday life again at last

Venta – forto variant
The high-comfort care bed for heavy residents

Libra – Standard
The flexible care bed

Libra – movo variant
For better room hygiene

Libra – bodenfrei Plus variant
Optimal mobility

Vertica care
The mobilisation bed

The comfortable bed for residential homes

The heavy-duty bed

Classiko - mechanical variant
Classiko - protection for psychiatric care

Classiko - motor-driven variant
Classiko - easy to operate

The functional care bed

Amara tero
Stylish and comfortable

suite eMotion
The centrepiece of your home

The comfort insert for your familiar bed