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Our modern hospital beds and care beds support their users with infinitely adjustable 4-section mattress bases. Individual health-promoting positions can be effortlessly set on the handset or control panel. In order to take maximum advantage of this strength, we recommend the use of top-class mattresses that are perfectly matched to our beds.

Stiegelmeyer offers a wide range of mattresses for different needs. The focus is on high lying comfort and pressure ulcer prevention according to the latest scientific findings. Intelligent perforations improve the microclimate and increase the flexibility of the mattress to adapt to adjustments of the mattress base.
Many models can also be ordered in the form of an evacuation mattress with an integrated evacuation cover. In an emergency situation, this ensures that persons to be rescued can be evacuated reliably out of the danger zone.
Discover our portfolio and configure your beds exclusively with mattresses from a single source to give you the very best quality.

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Z1 – Sky-therm®-mattress

Z1 – Sky-therm®-Matratze

Z1 – Sky-therm®-mattress -

with wavy cut

Sky-therm® is a foam that ensures even pressure distribution and also facilitates users’ movement thanks to its excellent resilience. With Sky-therm®, the skin remains well supplied with blood and is in full contact with the flexible mattress surface. A permanent exchange of heat and moisture can then take place.

Special perforations lend the Sky-therm® layer additional point elasticity. The entire foam surface is designed with horizontal and vertical incisions, excluding only the edge zones to ensure greater stability. These perforations according to the Rhombo-therm® principle also ensure good ventilation and a dry and healthy sleeping climate.

  1. The incisions in the Sky-therm® layer improve the point elasticity and ventilation of the mattress.
  2. The edge zone reinforcement of the mattress makes it easier for the patient or resident to stand up and sit down.
Z2 – Soft-therm-Matratze

Z2 – Soft-therm mattress -

with fine perforations

The soft-therm mattress follows every adjustment of the mattress base with its particularly high flexibility. This is due not just to the elastic top layer but also to the cold foam base, which is designed with perforations to allow greater movement.

The base layer of the soft-therm mattress incorporates a fine grid of perforations according to the Rhombo-flex® process. These are fine circular incisions which are partly hollow and partly still filled with cold foam. Only the edges of the mattress remain untreated to ensure greater stability when standing up and sitting down.

Perforations according to the Rhombo-flex® process



Premium mattress

TEMPUR® foam is a particularly high-quality material for healthy, relaxing sleep. When the US space agency NASA developed it in the 1970s, it was a much more dramatic task: The new viscoelastic foam was designed to protect people in aircraft accidents. TEMPUR® can absorb a person's fall from a height of 3 metres and returns to its original shape even when 90% of the foam is compressed.

With these properties, the TEMPUR-MED® Premium mattress today supports the prevention of pressure ulcers. This mattress is ideal for high  demands. It is suitable for use in intensive care units and protects elderly and long-term patients. In the nursing home, the TEMPUR-MED® Premium mattress stands for unique sleeping comfort.

Open cell technology

TEMPUR® foam consists of spherical open cells that permanently adapt to the contours of the body. This distributes the pressure more evenly than with conventional polyurethane, whose irregular cell structure merely compresses under weight and quickly decompresses again.



TEMPUR® foam reacts to the body temperature and the weight of the user. The temperature is also higher in parts of the body exposed to greater pressures. In this case, the material becomes softer. The cells shift their position to adapt to the contours of the body. In cooler areas, the mattress stays firmer.


Fewer pressure points

With its viscoelastic cell structure, the TEMPUR-MED® Premium mattress distributes the pressure so evenly that local pressure peaks are reduced significantly compared to conventional mattresses. Pressure on the shoulder blades, buttocks and heels is relieved as a result.


of mattress and bed

The ideal combination

The high-quality TEMPUR-MED® Premium mattress can be ideally combined with Stiegelmeyer hospital beds and care beds. Our Evario hospital bed, for example, is a good choice for use in an intensive care unit. This bed for all hospital environments supports the early mobilisation and recovery of patients with its intuitive operation and the split Protega safety side. The Premium mattress provides additional protection and restful sleep, so that overall comprehensive care is guaranteed. Our elegant Puro hospital bed with its excellent hygiene properties is also ideally suited for the Premium mattress.

In nursing homes, our Venta, Elvido and Libra model ranges ensure safety, comfort and well-being. The TEMPUR-MED® Premium mattress reinforces the many supportive and relieving properties of these beds. Residents enjoy a higher quality of life and are better protected against pressure ulcers. The well-being of the residents is a yardstick for the attractiveness of the house.


TEMPUR-MED® – Guaranteed pressure relief

We guarantee the dimensional stability and durability of the core of the Premium mattress for 10 years. The PU cover comes with a 3-year warranty. We can provide further information if needed.

P1 - Prophylaxe-Matratze aus Viscoschaum

P1 – Prevention mattress -

made of visco foam

We have two prevention mattresses in our portfolio. The P1 model is particularly helpful in the fight against pressure ulcers; it features a 7 cm thick visco foam layer and a total thickness of 16 cm. The characteristics of model P2 are equally good, even though it is slightly flatter.

P2 - Prophylaxe-Matratze aus Viscoschaum

P2 – Prevention mattress -

made of visco foam

Both models feature edge zone reinforcement that offers patients greater safety and support when sitting on the side of the bed or during night-time movements in the bed. The reinforced mattress edge prevents the patient or resident from slipping off the bed or against the safety side.

Both prevention mattresses can be supplied with an elastic PU cover or an evacuation cover. In an emergency, the evacuation cover can be used to pull the mattress with the patient out of the building.


Advantage of visco foam

In contrast to other types of foam, it remains in this position rather than immediately returning to its former shape due to counterpressure. Patients and residents therefore enjoy ideal long-term support. It also reduces strong pressure points.

Sinking into the visco foam dampens movements and generates pleasant warmth.

C1 - Comfort-Matratze aus Viscoschaum

C1 – Comfort mattress -

made of viscose foam

A feeling of security can enhance recovery during a stay in hospital. In a nursing home, it is essential for residents to feel at home in their room and their bed. Our comfort mattress supports this feeling. It ensures well-being through good breathability and exceptionally comfortable materials.

Model C1 pampers patients and residents with a 9 cm thick base layer made of cold foam, and a 3 cm thick layer of visco foam, which perfectly adapts to the contours of the body. Multi-zone holes punched in the foam wick away moisture and provide better ventilation of the mattress core. This creates healthy, dry sleeping conditions.

Model C1 is available with a PU cover.

S1 - Schwerlast-Matratze aus Kaltschaum

S1 – Heavyweight mattress -

made of cold foam

Patients and residents with a very high body weight or a strong risk of pressure ulcers require special care and attention. The heavyweight mattress made by Stiegelmeyer helps to meet their requirements. With its com­bination of high-quality materials, it supports both their therapy and prophylaxis.

Model S1 offers great comfort for persons weighing up to 240 kg. The 16 cm thick mattress consists of 3 layers: Thanks to its high point elasticity, the upper layer made of Rhombo-therm® adapts to the contours of the body, and ensures the user’s well-being. The middle layer made of firm and durable cold foam gives the mattress the necessary stability. The slightly more flexible cell structure of the base layer regulates heat and moisture in the mattress core.


Advantage of cold foam

Like other types of foam, cold foam is made of polyether, but unlike other types, it is produced without any being generated. It is more elastic and even more permeable to the air than visco foam due to its open-pore structure.

Cold foam adapts to the body’s contours, but quickly returns to its original shape when the patient or resident moves. This active recovery behaviour maintains the freedom of movement of the user and promotes mobility. Cold foam mattresses relieve the strain on the spine and discs and also on the joints. They prevent back problems and enhance well-being.

The good aeration properties of the cold foam ensure a dry, hygienic microclimate.

made of polyether foam

U1, U2 – Universal mattresses

Universal mattresses made by Stiegelmeyer can be used flexibly for almost all healthcare applications. They consist of a single 12 cm foam layer, and are very comfortable to lie on.


U1 - Universal-Matratze

U1 – Universal mattresses -

Universal mattresses made by Stiegelmeyer can be used flexibly for almost all healthcare applications. They consist of a single 12 cm foam layer, and are very comfortable to lie on. Model U1 is made of polyether foam. The open-cell material features outstanding ventilation properties and excellent moisture wicking. The mattress is available with a PU cover, or with an evacuation cover.

U2 - Universal-Matratze

U2 – Universal mattresses -

Universal mattresses made by Stiegelmeyer can be used flexibly for almost all healthcare applications. They consist of a single 12 cm foam layer, and are very comfortable to lie on. Model U2 is made of polyether foam. Incisions on the underside allow the mattress to adapt particularly well to the 4-section mattress base of the hospital bed or care bed. The durable and elastic PU cover fabric is designed with concealed zips on one of the short sides, and along both of the long sides.


Advantage of edge zone reinforcement

Without edge zone reinforcement, a soft support mattress can lose its shape and stability.

With the edge zone reinforcement, it remains stable and can give the user additional security when standing up.

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