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Our website uses cookies that are set when you visit the site. Cookies are small text files that the website stores on the web browser of your computer or mobile device. We use cookies for the operation of the website (functionality cookies) and for a number of evaluations (performance & statistics and marketing). This will, for example, allow retention of login data, allow us to monitor website performance, compile website statistics and carry out marketing analyses. In the case of cookies for performance & statistics and for marketing, we transmit certain information to our partners, such as Google, Facebook or YouTube, for advertising and analysis.

Here you will find a list of all the cookies used. They are listed under the headings of functional cookies, performance & statistics cookies, and marketing cookies. The content and duration of these cookies can vary considerably. The “Detailed information” buttons provide you with a list of all the cookies, including their content and duration. You can toggle this information on and off in each case using the buttons.

Further information is available in our privacy statement and legal notice.

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