Bedside cabinets

Even in hospital, patients always have their small, personal everyday items with them. Belongings such as a watch, glasses and a smartphone are all necessary and valuable items which need a place to keep them. Our bedside cabinets provide safe and versatile storage and are easy for patients to reach. Height-adjustable, tilting overbed tables are equally suited for use at mealtimes as for reading books and magazines.

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A global challenge

Reliable hygiene

The danger posed by hospital germs, the protracted fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the increasingly rapid turnover of patients are all important reasons for opting for reliable reprocessing of medical products in hospitals. We offer products that lend themselves extremely well to both manual and automated reprocessing.

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For added flexibility and safety


Hospital beds often have to meet very special requirements or fit into an architecturally sophisticated concept. Stiegelmeyer therefore offers a wide range of practical accessories and attractive colours and forms. If you wish, we can transform any model into a made-to-measure customised bed.

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Individual automated process solutions

Smart Hospital

Each hospital has its own processes, technical requirements and structural features. The digital system MIO (Modular - Individual - Organised) establishes an independent activity-related process control based on your existing processes.