Lively elegance


Chairs with character


Enjoy mealtimes and leisure time


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Tables and chairs

Chairs and easy chairs serve many purposes in the health and care sector: In patients’ rooms, in dining rooms, in waiting rooms or in common rooms, they ensure a homelike feeling and give people in need of care the support they require. The seating ranges from Stiegelmeyer offer a wide selection for every type of room. Shapes, colours, armrests and handles are designed entirely with the needs of people in care homes and hospitals in mind.

To gain the full benefit of the various uses for our chairs, we recommend pairing them with a matching table. For this reason, we have designed a wide range of models.


Chairs with character


Lively elegance


Indulgence – with bistro flair 

Enjoy mealtimes

It is often particularly important for residents in care facilities to be able to enjoy meals in the dining room and conversations in the common room with all their senses. These are the times when they can take part in the social side of life and recharge their batteries. Comfortable chairs, easy chairs and sofas are an essential prerequisite. They help people to join in with daily activities on an equal basis. At the same time, good posture helps with breathing, speaking and swallowing.


 Timeless design


Clear lines


 Diversity with a feel-good factor

Comfort and charisma

Chairs, easy chairs and sofas are often the calling cards of a hospital or nursing home. This is where patients and visitors first take a seat after arriving. Visitors use the common rooms for relaxed conversations with their relatives in care. Comfortable, visually appealing furnishings make a decisive contribution to a facility’s public image. With our exclusive easy chairs, from the Luna comfort range, for example, you will make an outstanding impression. 


 Exclusive seating comfort

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