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Some people would prefer to enjoy the comfort of an electrically adjustable bed without having to part with their own treasured bedroom furniture. Our Lindeo comfort insert can simply be inserted into an existing bed frame - even into half of a double bed.

A wide range of sizes is available. Discover a whole new lifestyle in your own familiar surroundings.

The comfort insert for a new lease of life

Relaxing sleep, a new lease of life - that’s what many people dream of. But while they use adjustable seats for a healthier posture at work or in the car, they sleep on a rigid mattress at night.

Our Lindeo comfort bed insert offers much more. It can easily be placed into an existing bed frame where it unfolds all the convenient features of an electrically adjustable bed. With mattress base widths of 90 or 100 cm, it fits in virtually every fixed bed frame. At the same time, the homelike appearance of the bed remains intact, since the Lindeo is not visible inside the bed frame.

The Lindeo is available in three mattress base dimensions:

  • 90 x 190 cm
  • 90 x 200 cm
  • 100 x 200 cm


  • Lift function with large height adjustment range of 29 to 74 cm, also suitable for low-height bed frames
  • Fits into almost every bed with its compact chassis of only 69 x 113 cm
  • Feet with floor-level adjustment screws, and adaptable feet available for a 7 cm height increase
  • 4-section mattress base, with electric adjustment motors, lower leg rest manually adjustable with a ratchet to an orthopaedic position
  • Intuitive operation using the handset
  • Loadable up to 200 kg
  • Safe 24-volt drive system contributes to protecting the environment
  • Warranty conditions can be found in the operating instructions
  • Other supportive functions are possible for seniors
24-volt drive system
4-section mattress base

made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic strips in plastic caps with damping buffers

Feet with floor-level

adjustment screws and fastening straps ensure the bed insert is stable


forintuitive operation

Power socket

for connecting the electronic power supply unit ensures safe cable management and facilitates cleaning under the bed

Compact chassis mea-suring

only 69 x 113 cm

lower leg rest

With a ratchet, the lower leg rest can be adjusted into the ortho-paedic position

5 retainer

bars hold the mattress in its position

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