The all-rounder for the care sector

The two models in the Combino family bring together all the service functions you can expect from a modern bedside cabinet with their easy operation, sturdy stability and timelessly stylish design.

Model facts

  • Various sized roller-guided drawers
  • Rounded corner profiles in an attractive metal look
  • Stylish, homelike design

Model variants


The all-rounder

  • Body height 80 cm
  • Optional overbed table for use on either side
  • Multifunctional rail fitted as standard

Combino brevo

The lower variant

  • Body height 68 cm
  • Two drawers in different sizes
  • Slide-out table with hold-out feature

The advantages for you

Combino is available either with or without an overbed side table. The tilting overbed table is an ideal place to rest a book or lay any personal belongings. The large version of this bedside cabinet can be designed with the drawers at any desired position within the cabinet body. It also offers the option of a built-in fridge.

Technical specifications

The following overview shows the technical data and equipment options for this model.

CombinoCombino brevo
External dimensions W x D x H in cm 47 x 53 x 80 47 x 53 x 68
Overbed tabletop height in cm 72 - 107
Overbed tabletop dimensions in cm 55 x 37
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
CombinoCombino brevo
Overbed table for easy attachment and detachment
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
CombinoCombino brevo
Slot-in holders for telephone systems
Towel hook on rail
Drawer lock
2nd drawer
Bedside cabinet with door
Multifunctional rail including reading lamp holder
Document holder
Waste bin with lid
Bottle/glass holder
Towel holder hook
Drawer pullout with bottle holder in the bottom drawer
Soft close
Plastic drawer insert
Crutch holder
Overbed table
Slide-out table
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
CombinoCombino brevo
Selection from the Stiegelmeyer Wodego in-house collection
Bow handle, chrome (at no extra cost)
Bow handle, matte (at no extra cost)
Bar handle, chrome (at no extra cost)
Bar handle, matte (at no extra cost)
D handle, chrome (at no extra cost)
D handle, matte (at no extra cost)
D handle, wood/metal (at extra cost)
D handle, round, matte metal (at extra cost)
D handle, square, matte metal (at extra cost)
Bow handle, flat, matte metal (at extra cost)
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

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