Stiegelmeyer Topic

Beds, alternating pressure systems, bedside cabinets

Coordinated solutions for intensive care units

When it comes to meeting the stringent demands of intensive care and monitoring units, it is helpful if the different elements of the equipment you are using really do fit together seamlessly. Stiegelmeyer offers ideally coordinated solutions, from intensive care beds and bedside cabinets to mattresses and alternating pressure systems, as well as accessories and modern hygiene concepts with machine-washable products.

Solutions from a single source

  • Intensive care beds with individual equipment options
  • Coordinated alternating pressure systems for different levels of decubitus
  • Practical and hygienic bedside cabinets or medical trolleys

The bed for demanding intensive care

Sicuro tera

  • Lateral tilt function
  • Many attachment options for accessories
  • Option of integrated scales
  • Machine washable
  • Safe working load of 260 kg

The bed for intermediate care units


  • Choice of 2 different safety side systems
  •  Attachment options for accessories
  • Option of integrated scales
  • Machine-washable option
  • Safe working load of 260 kg

Alternating pressure and hybrid mattress systems for clinical use and professional care

Novacare systems

  • Choice of systems for different pressure ulcer stages
  • Long-lasting PU membranes
  • Acoustic alarm function
  • Control units feature a very rugged casing and stable holding brackets
  • Fuses and filters are external

The versatile bedside cabinet and medical trolley


  • Overbed table with soft lowering mechanism
  • Effortless height adjustment from 85 to 115 cm
  • Space-saving storage by sliding one Quado inside the other
  • Neutral colour design
  • Can be attached to the bed for transport
  • Machine washable