The low-height bed for floor-level care


The combination of preventing falls through floor-level care and working at a back-friendly waist height might appear to be a contradiction in terms. Some ultra-low beds, or even improvised solutions with mattresses on the floor, mean that carers have to maintain an exhausting, stooped posture. Our Basano, with its height adjustment range from about 15 to 80 cm, meets these requirements. Residents enjoy maximum protection without measures that deprive them of their liberty, while caregivers receive the support of a fully equipped care bed.

ultra-low bed

Model facts

  • Height adjustment range: approx. 15 – 80 cm
  • Safety sides with Easy Click system requiring no tools for fitting
  • All functions can be controlled with a handset
  • Choice of full-length and combined safety side

Advantages for you

Full-length and combinable safety side

Protection with Easy Click

  • Tool-free removal of the safety side
  • Protection against unintentional removal
  • Easy conversion of the bed

Fall prevention and back-friendly working

Floor-level care

  • Low height of about 15 cm
  • Residents enjoy maximum protection without the use of liberty-depriving measures
  • Electric bed adjustment facilitates the work of caregivers

A care bed for every wish


  • Integrated tool-free bed extension
  • Comfortable sitting position with the foot end lowered
  • Back-friendly working at the maximum height of about 80 cm

All additional information at a glance

We are pleased to provide our informational materials for you to download.

Your advantages

FLOOR-LEVEL CARE – Our Basano ultra-low bed gives residents a safe, comfortable position in bed close to the floor and provides carers with the full support of a modern care bed.

EASY CLICK – With the intelligent Easy-Click system, the safety sides can be "clicked" onto pre-assembled brackets without the need for tools and can be removed again at any time. This makes it easy to assemble and clean the bed.

OPERATION – the LCD handset controls the bed with just 3 buttons and offers tailor-made control levels for patients, carers and technical staff.

Technical specifications

The following overview presents the technical data and equipment options for this model of bed. With a tailor-made configuration and visual design, and with suitable accessories, you can plan a bed that precisely matches your requirements and your interior design. Your area sales manager will be pleased to inform you about all the options.

Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions) in cm 87 x 200
External dimensions in cm 101,6 × 236,5
Safe working load in kg 225
Ground clearance of chassis in cm 15
Total weight in kg 130
24-volt drive concept with external transformer
Integrated bed extension
230-volt drive
Fully electric
Fully electric OpenBus technology
Wall spacer on chassis
Ground clearance for lifting equipment
Adapter sleeves at foot end
Adapter sleeves at head end
  • * = Not available in all colors
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

Mattress base division in cm 72/25/33/54
Backrest length compensation 8
Comfort mattress base
PP hygiene mattress base
4-section mattress base
Mattress base tiltable to reverse-Trendelenburg position
Mattress base tiltable to Trendelenburg position
  • * = Not available in all colors
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

Protective height of safety sides 41
Full-length safety side
Split safety side – combinable
  • * = Not available in all colors
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

Double castor Ø 50 mm
2x2 locking castors
  • * = Not available in all colors
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

Out-of-Bed system
LCD handset
Handset including Trendelenburg position (selective locking function)
Handset with selective locking function
Integrated battery
  • * = Not available in all colors
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available