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On this page we have compiled the most frequently asked questions and answers regarding the services offered by Stiegelmeyer Service. Can’t find your question here? Then send us your question to service(at)

  • Exploded view drawings
  • via the Stiegelmeyer service portal
  • using the bar code on the product
  • The first 6 digits of the long bar code on electrical components and gas springs

The bed’s home position is lost and the height adjustment motor has lost its position. Carry out an alignment (initialisation) procedure as described in the instruction manual.

Using standard handset

Press the two keys shown simultaneously and keep them pressed (you will hear a continuous signal) until an intermittent signal sounds after about 5 seconds (this indicates a RESET/manual mode)

Using the LCD handset

Call up "Service" control level 3: Press the UP and DOWN buttons simultaneously and at the same time hold the top end of the LCD handset briefly against the magnetic unlocking key at the foot end of the bed.


2. Keep both the UP and DOWN buttons pressed for a further 5 seconds until OK ! is displayed.

3. With the toggle switch, select the “RESET” function and acknowledge with the UP button -> The message “press 5 sec” appears

4. Keep the UP+DOWN button pressed for about 5 seconds, during which “RESET” is displayed. On completing the RESET process, “OK!” appears in the display. A pulsating beep – beep follows for about 3 seconds

5. The RESET is now completed. The system automatically sets all drive lock-outs

6. Change to level 2, and unlock all previously locked-out setting functions in order to continue with a performance check (display shows "Backrest free" as an example)

The type plate is located at the (inside) head end of the mattress base, and a separate PID bar code can also be found there. This PID bar code will indicate the serial number. The type plate contains the following information:

In our service portal: Service portal, by phone +49 (0) 5221 185 - 777, by fax +49 (0) 5221 185 - 219 or by e-mail to service(at)

There are colour-neutral numbers and assembly numbers. These cannot be used for ordering. The correct number for ordering must first of all be determined. This number, and not the number from the exploded view drawing, will then appear on the delivery note. This also applies for any follow-up orders.

The delivery date is stated on your order confirmation. You can also find out the delivery date from the processor responsible for your order. To do so, please enter the order number which is also shown on your order confirmation.

Each delivery is accompanied by a return slip. If you want the service department to pick up any wrong parts, please repack them and call the processor responsible. The processor will then create a pick-up order.

Please send us the original delivery note or a copy so we can identify the item concerned, together with a short note indicating why these parts are being returned and what should be done with them. Please bear in mind the customs documents required when returning goods from third countries.

The instruction manual is enclosed with each delivery. If it has been lost or you need a spare parts list, please contact the processor responsible for your order. The copies will then be sent to you.
For exploded view drawings: Ms von Carnap or servicezentrum(at)

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