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Connectivity – smart solutions for health and care

Intelligent networking of people and objects offers great hope in the healthcare sector. When it comes to improving the care situation, few resources are as promising as rapid digitalisation. But this only applies if the smart solutions bring real added value, are easy to use, and do not overwhelm people.

These are precisely the goals that our Connectivity Lab is pursuing. The networking of our beds noticeably relieves care staff and represents a great boost in terms of safety for residents and patients. With our tailored connectivity solutions, your facility will take a giant step into the future.

The Connectivity Lab

Practical digital solutions cannot be created in an ivory tower. Our Connectivity Lab in Herford, Germany, realistically recreates everyday hospital life and provides an ideal framework for ideas that offer great potential. Visit us in the Connectivity Lab and bring your ideas to the table. We look forward to seeing you.

Get started with digitalisation the easy way

Connectivity – quick and simple

The bed uses the NbioT/LTE-M radio standard for cost-effective transmission of small quantities of data. There is no need for special infrastructure in the building – such as WiFi in every room.


With the optional Bluebox under the mattress base, the bed is “digital ready”. The Bluebox also sends the messages for the Out-of-Bed system.

Messages easily received

The Out-of-Bed system sends messages directly to the carer’s smartphone or tablet or to a web-based dashboard on the computer in the duty room. The recipient can respond immediately and loses no time in an emergency.

Helpful information in daily life

Especially in times of staff shortages, it is difficult to keep an eye on the safety and well-being of the residents everywhere in the building. Our networked care beds take much of this work off your shoulders. Our new generation Elvido bed, for example, reports status information to a user-friendly dashboard and to your smartphone app:

  • Messages from the Out-of-Bed system
  • The system settings and the under bed light can also be digitally managed
  • Bed at lowest position, for fall prevention
  • Power plug is disconnected
  • Technical defect

The fully digital Out-of-Bed system

More protection and relief with the modern Out-of-Bed system

  • Easy to retrofit any time

  • No complicated installation required

  • Operates independently of the in-house infrastructure

  • Secure management of the data via cloud-based architecture

  • A push notification is sent if the resident has left the bed and a pre-set time has then elapsed

  • Additional status data can be accessed on the app dashboard and the Internet

  • Future-proof solution due to continuous further development

  • The active periods of the OoB system can be selected individually for each bed

  • No need to connect the bed to a call system

  • Remote adjustment of the OoB times via the app

Digital-ready for the future

With the launch of the new Elvido care bed, we are opening a whole new chapter in digitalisation at Stiegelmeyer. The Connectivity Lab is already passionately working on further solutions. Stay in touch with us for future news on hospital developments and new dashboard functions. Your suggestions and feedback are a great help to us.

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