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The tool-free adaptable system for care beds

Vario Safe

with standard-compliant safety

The best system for adjustable care beds

The new Vario Safe system enhances flexibility and well-being, and lightens the workload in the daily care routine. Vario Safe is available for the Libra care bed and for selected models from the Elvido range.

Our beds with the Vario Safe system offer you numerous design options to suit every taste.

Head and foot sections are available in attractive wood decors or firmly upholstered with high-quality fabrics or synthetic leather. Wood and fabric can also be combined to create the look you desire. If you wish, every care bed can become an individual designer piece – and can be quickly transformed by replacing individual elements if a new resident prefers a different look.

Replace headboards in seconds when required

  • Homelike design variants, with optional handle bars
  • Choice of attractive wood decors, fabrics and synthetic leather
  • Headboard, footboard and side panel design can feature different colours

Replacing or removing footboards

  • Removable footboard allows better access to the resident, e.g. for foot care
  • Choice between a high footboard for a feeling of security or a low footboard for an unobstructed view
  • Attractive wood decors, fabrics and synthetic leather available to choose from

Attach or remove split safety sides as required

  • Two elements measuring 90 and 110 cm in length can be freely combined or used on their own
  • Use of only 110 cm safety side element at the head end provides standard-compliant protection
  • Use of only 90 cm safety side element at the head end gives a feeling of security and orientation and leaves plenty of room for getting in and out of bed

Modular design and adjustment without tools

With its Vario Safe, Stiegelmeyer is perfecting the trend towards adaptable care beds: the split safety side elements, the headboard, footboard and also the side panels can be attached and removed without tools.

This is achieved with the use of easy-to-operate locking devices that snap securely into place and cannot be accidentally opened by the resident. The headboard, footboard and panels can be supplied on request with attractive fabric or synthetic leather upholstery.

All Vario Safe elements are inserted into the bed frame and snapped into place with easy-to-operate locking devices.

Simply pull the closure upwards.

The lock engages securely and the element is fastened in place.

To release the fastening again, pull the orange safety catch towards you and press down on the lock.

Split safety sides Individual safety in every function

The Vario Safe system is available on the Libra care bed as well as on the Elvido for the split safety side. This allows very precise settings that are closely geared to the changing needs of the resident.

The split safety side can be raised in one simple movement and snaps into place securely. To lower the elements again, press the release buttons under the bars.

Vario Safe: Geteilte Seitensicherung - Individuelle Sicherheit in jeder Funktion

Just enough protection – but not too much

»Many people in care only need a safety side temporarily. I can quickly adapt beds with Vario Safe to suit individual safety requirements.«

Stefan S., geriatric carer

As cosy as you wish

» Thanks to Vario Safe, my care bed matches the furnishings and looks very cosy. Even if my taste changes. «

Erika W., resident

Cost-effective due to modular expandability

»By using beds with Vario Safe, individual modules can be added, replaced or stored as required. This means I always have the bed I need right away. «

Arno B., nursing home manager

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