Smart Hospital

Smart Hospital

Individual automated process solutions in your hospital


for an intelligent management of your process control

Each hospital has its own processes, technical requirements and structural features. But all facilities share the challenge of efficiently structuring and automating ever more complex processes. The requirements for detailed documentation are growing. Faster changes of patient and associated logistics make it necessary to organise more and more correlations as easily as possible. The digital system MIO (Modular - Individual - Organised) establishes an independent activity-related process control based on your existing processes.



At the beginning is our free analysis of all processes in your facility – the BEST-Scan. The results enable us to make targeted recommendations. It is always about achieving the maximum benefit for your facility with individual measures.


Stiegelmeyer's service benefits from the innovative power and experience of a family-run company with more than 115 years of tradition:

  • Our experts have already analysed the processes and workflows in more than 100 hospitals with the BEST-Scan.
  • We listen carefully to our partners in the hospitals to jointly develop optimisation strategies.
  • We support you in your goals: Increasing profitability, more time for the patients, relieving your staff and simplifying documentation for more transparency.

Indoor locating

Locate your beds, for example, anywhere in the hospital. The application scenario determines the technology used. Use this data for optimal provision and maintenance. You will always find the right bed in the right place at the right time.



Automatic documentation

Automatic documentation creates free time for the nursing work. Documented are, for example, inspections of medical devices. You save your employees a lot of time-consuming manual paperwork.



Work more economical

Controlled logistics processes enable targeted provision. Idle times of logistics personnel are thereby avoided. Resources are available where they are needed.



Safety for vulnerable patients

The possibilities of networking also serve the protection of patients, for example persons that are not fully oriented or infants. Unintentional leaving the hospital is noticed immediately. As a result, harm and damage can be averted from the outset.



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