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Free BEST analysis

You need never worry about the beds in your facility again. Instead, take advantage of our free professional analysis - the BEST-scan. Our service experts would be pleased to make a detailed tour of inspection at your premises and bring transparency to your bed-related processes. This will identify potential measures for optimising costs and easing the workload of staff. You will obtain valuable advice for raising patient satisfaction and enhancing your image.

This is an example of how your BEST-scan could be carried out.

Strong arguments for BEST

Economic efficiency and logistics

BEST-scan brings handling errors to light. It shows how your facility can lower its financial burdens and strengthen cooperation between staff. The result is increased patient satisfaction and improved public perception. We look into the way beds are moved in your facility, uncover problematic issues which cause unnecessary costs, and give advice on improving your cross-functional organisation. Together, we transform interfaces into connection points.


The devil is often in the detail. Together, we trace process deficits and cost factors. Find out how bed availability can be ensured at all times in your facility.

Everyday care with no unnecessary stress

BEST-scan identifies the factors that lead to avoidable burdens on staff and restrict optimal patient care. We can help you solve your problems.

The path to safe and reliable hygiene

It is quite possible to ensure that the right bed is always available in the right place, at the right time and in a technically and hygienically perfect condition. BEST brings clarity to your resource and interface management.

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