The bed logistics and controlling system


Hospital beds and other high-quality medical products need regular attention, including preparation, servicing and documentation. For staff, this can mean paperwork, making complicated arrangements and additional duties, if a bed or X-ray trolley is not at the right place at the right time, for example. Bloc, Stiegelmeyer’s bed logistics and controlling system, helps you with these tasks.


The system is integrated into your existing IT structure and can be used just as easily via the ward’s computer as using a smartphone app. It announces upcoming reprocessing and inspection events and automatically ensures that the necessary documentation is recorded in accordance with the German Medical Devices Act. Bloc frees up time that staff can then use to devote more attention to their patients again.


Costs reduced due to more efficiency and transparency

With Bloc, you will use beds and other medical devices much more efficiently than before. Targeted control of maintenance and reprocessing tasks, for example, results in more beds being available and allows you to better utilise your resources. In the longer term, for example, it may even be possible to reduce the total number of beds.

With Bloc, you have an overview of the important data regarding your beds and medical products.

Easy to operate

Four modules for trouble-free bed management

The software is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. The full version of Bloc has four modules that assist you with the management, provision, preparation and maintenance of your beds. However, you can freely combine these modules to suit your requirements and either purchase or rent them.

The Control Module synchronises all the tasks associated with reprocessing and servicing the beds or devices. At prespecified intervals, the products are called up for reprocessing or inspection. This avoids any unnecessary downtimes.

With the Management Module, you can manage the master data and analyse how well your bed pool is utilised. By evaluating the statistics, you will be able to use the beds more efficiently. The system could also identify situations where costs could be saved by reducing the total number of beds.

The Order Module allows you to order the right bed or device within your establishment so that it arrives where you need it and is configured correctly.

The Service Module assists with the documentation of all inspections and reprocessing tasks and helps you meet the requirements of the German Medical Devices Act.

The Bloc App

Call up mobile data and manage your medical products.

Bloc can be used easily and conveniently via an app for mobile devices. This allows technicians or care staff to perform many tasks directly at the bed or medical device without having to travel long distances to a computer.

Using a barcode scanner or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), the app identifies the product in question and the room it is currently in. The user can then call up product information and any outstanding tasks and can issue orders or view statistics.

The app is operated easily and intuitively via subject-related tiles. If desired, each establishment can book additional modules, such as intelligent room management or the organisation of transport for patients or materials.

The app uses the same communications structure currently used in your establishment. The mobile devices do not need an internet connection.

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