Individual room designs – Made in Germany

We can design a customised room plan for you based on analysis of your room's particular features. Our aim is to make best use of the space so that you can do your job effectively.

Our designs incorporate short travel distances, comply with statutory requirements and create an appealing ambience.

The perfect working space

We create a customised room design for you, based on a room analysis that takes into account all of the spatial dimensions and conditions. Our aim is to provide a spatial concept that facilitates effective and clearly structured work. With short distances and in accordance with the legal requirements. And, on top of this, creating an attractive ambience.

Planning is important

It is important what you make of it. To be able to work as effectively as possible in a small space, the available space has to be utilised to its fullest extent. We manufacture furniture for you that is tailored to your specific needs and is based on cost-effective, industrially manufactured components. This allows us to provide outstanding value for money, even when there is a high degree of customisation.

Intelligent spatial concepts for a functional system

Duty rooms for nursing and care staff are the control centres of care facilities – this is where everything comes together. Planning, organising and important medical processes such as preparing medication all take place here. It quickly becomes clear, therefore, that it's not just about furniture, but about the intelligent planning and design of a functional working area, in which people are able to work efficiently for the benefit of others.

It all begins with the analysis:
Before any sketches or design ideas are formed, the situation is analysed on site. Working together with you, we take a close look at the available space, so that together we can create a sound basis for the subsequent planning process.

Customised planning of your duty room

When developing customised spatial concepts, we are particularly aware that the interior design should promote effective and clearly structured work processes. Short distances, smooth-running drawers and easy-to-open doors make tasks easier and ergonomically correct – but it is the optimal configuration of storage spaces with regard to work processes that makes work convenient and pleasant. From the very first planning stages, we strive to create a logical and efficient spatial concept.

The smaller the room, the more important the planning

To be able to work as effectively as possible in a small space, the available space has to be utilised to its fullest extent. Only individually customised furniture can achieve this. It simply isn't possible with off-the-peg furniture. We produce furniture that is precisely tailored to your rooms and to suit your requirements and wishes. Our furniture is based on industrially manufactured components that we then customise – which is how we achieve outstanding value for money, even in the case of special, individual adaptations. And all of our products are "Made in Germany".

Attention to detail

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