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BEST – in German these letters stand for Begleiten (Support), Erhalten (Maintenance), Schulung (Training) and Teamwork. BEST is the new service package from Stiegelmeyer Assist. We compile an individual package of customised services for every hospital. From maintaining to servicing your beds, you won’t have to worry anymore.

Optimising processes


Support (Begleiten) – optimising processes

With a strong partner problems can practically solve themselves. Our personal contacts will support you from the purchase of a hospital bed to inspections and training sessions. We analyse all important processes surrounding your bed stock. Together we will find the best way to keep the ideal number of beds operational at economic costs.

Servicing and repairs


Maintenance (Erhalten) – servicing and repairs

A hospital bed is a valuable investment. With BEST its value can be preserved for a very long time. That is what our experts do. Hospitals can choose between the maintenance tariffs “Basic”, “Plus” and “Full Service”. For all Stiegelmeyer beds we can guarantee a spare part supply for at least 15 years.


Training (Schulung) – the best advice

BEST customers are always provided with optimum advice and trainings. After the bed purchase Assist employees already accompany you during the “soft transition” from the old to the new products. Extremely narrow transportation routes and elevators as well as the wrong handling with the bed’s handset can be avoided thanks to our analyses and trainings.


Teamwork – partnership

BEST aims at achieving the goal together. The customers will be included in all processes and will make the decisions. Excellent teamwork often saves costs and plays an integral part in creating a comfortable day-to-day routine in hospitals.

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