Aero4 range

Aero4 range

The alternating pressure system for demanding applications

Aero4 mattresses consist of small-structure air cells. In alternating pressure operation 75% of the cells are inflated, while the air pressure is reduced in the remaining 25%. The effect on the blood circulation of the tissue is similar to the positive effect of everyday movements. The patient's body weight is distributed more evenly and point loads are reduced.

As an option to alternating pressure, a gentle, evenly distributed pressure can be set in all air cells. In this case, the patient sinks deeper into the mattress, relieving the entire body. It feels comfortable and calming for the reclining person.

The advantages

The alternating pressure system of the Aero4 range promotes pressure ulcer prevention:

The key points at a glance

  • 1-of-4 cycle - in alternating pressure mode, ¾ of all cells are inflated while, in ¼ of the cells, the air pressure is reduced
  • The gentle change of cell pressure resembles everyday movements and avoids any spatial disorientation of the patient
  • The Aero4 plus version, with a cell height of 24 cm, provides particularly strong protection against pressure ulcers
  • Waterproof, breathable multi-stretch cover for a good microclimate
  • The mattress is fully machine washable

Do you have any questions regarding Aero4-System?

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