Sicuro pesa

The tiltable intensive care bed

The laterally tilting Sicuro pesa supports intensive care unit staff in caring for and repositioning patients. The optional integrated bed scale delivers precise weight readings and helps with diagnosis and with determining the correct medication. The scale works in any mattress base position and without any force shunts.

Model facts

  • Safe working load 260 kg
  • Mattress base 87 x 200 cm
  • 28 cm bed extension
  • Height adjustment range of approx. 46 – 80 cm

Advantages for you

Lateral tilting

Relief for patients and staff

  • Can be swivelled to a maximum of 25° on both sides of the bed
  • Easier breathing through targeted relief of certain lung areas
  • Supports pressure ulcer prevention

Diagnosis and therapy

For demanding tasks

  • Mattress base can be extended by folding down the headboard
  • Shock position and CPR function adjustable without delay
  • Transfer of patients for x-rays not necessary since back rest can be x-rayed

The advantages for you

HYGIENE – Even in its standard version, the Sicuro pesa is suitable for automated reprocessing. It thus supports the fight against multi-resistant pathogens in intensive care units.

FLEXIBILITY – With stainless steel standard rails on the long sides and 4 sleeves for holding infusion stands or lifting poles, this bed is equipped for individual medical care.

SAFETY – The split MultiFlex safety sides offer protection and at the same time promote patient mobility.

Technical specifications

The following overview presents the technical data and equipment options for this model of bed. With a tailor-made configuration and visual design, and with suitable accessories, you can plan a bed that precisely matches your hospital’s requirements and interior design. Your area sales manager will be happy to inform you about all the possibilities.

Sicuro pesa
Mattress base in cm (mattress dimensions) in cm 87 x 200
External dimensions in cm 104.4 x 216.1
Bed extension in cm 28
Safe working load in kg 260
Total weight in kg 195
Maximum weight of patient in kg 230 - 250
Tilting to Trendelenburg position in ° 15
Tilting to reverse-Trendelenburg position in ° 20
lateralpivoting 25
Mattress base height in cm (from - to) 46 - 80
Backrest angle in ° 70
Thigh rest angle in ° 80
Auto contour adjustment / Fowler position
Manual CPR release of the backrest
Electrically adjustable
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Sicuro pesa
Mattress base division in cm 80/20/40/60
Backrest length compensation 10
PP hygiene mattress base for belt system
PP hygiene mattress base with HPL backrest
PP hygiene mattress base with HPL backrest for belt system
Wire mesh mattress base with HPL backrest
Wire mesh base (removable)
4-section mattress base
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Sicuro pesa
Protective height of safety sides 42
MultiFlex split safety side
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Sicuro pesa
4 universal, all sides (wall deflection rollers)
2 universal at head end, 2 plastic at foot end (wall deflection rollers)
Head end, right (directional castor position)
Head end, left (directional castor position)
Foot end, left (directional castor position)
Foot end, right (directional castor position)
Double castor Ø 150 mm, conductive
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Sicuro pesa
Argentum paint colour
Crystal white paint colour
Azure decor (0744-60)
Baltic Sea decor (0475-60)
Eternal Cherry decor (4325-60)
Global Beech decor (4306-60)
Gold decor (0446-60)
Noce Lyon decor (4232-60)
Noce Praliné decor (4452-60)
Ottawa Maple decor (4209-60)
Silver Grey decor (0160-60)
Snow White decor (9417-60)
Storm decor (10542-60)
Valley Oak (4166-60) Valley Oak decor (4166-60)
Base colour Crystal white NCS S0500N
Manual reprocessing, IPX6
Automated reprocessing, IPX6W
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available
Sicuro pesa
Control box in the linen holder
Foot pedal
Under bed light
Brake signal
Standard sliding rails on the long sides
Standard sliding rails on backrests
Angle indicator for longitudinal tilt
Angle indicator for lateral tilt
Angle indicator
Backlit handset
Standard sliding rail at head end
  • = Standard
  • = Optional
  • = Not available

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